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Optronics is specialized in fiber optic patch cords,
patch panels and adapters. These quality/low-cost
solutions are ideal for any installation ranging from
data centers to television studios.

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Neutrik has the ideal solution, the OpticalCON. This com-
plete system is the perfect way for integrating any possible
mobile application into your project whether it is audio,
video, light, data and much more. The robust cable and
optional cable drum are of military grade quality and are
virtually indestructible.

Numerous television companies, production houses, theaters,
sports facilities, industrials  have already experienced the
flawless quality of the OpticalCON and it’s ease of use.

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Looking for standard (copper) Cable & Connectors ?
Please visit BELRAM, When Connection Matters! on www.belram.be.
b-Line presents an excellent and robust DVI
extender system for use with fiber optic cable.
This extender set is equipped with Neutrik
opticalCON connectors, (based on LC) and is a
solid, road-proof solution for all your digital video
extensions over very long lengths.

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